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宝马7系意蕾旗舰音响改装 《《

The Elate has been recognized as an icon in car audio.  Morel’s R&D engineered this series to combine precision, musicality and high power capability.

Defining the interaction between the system components and the acoustical challenges of a car is the key to success.  The Elate Series features our MXR crossover topology for near perfect phase control and consistent transition between the drivers. New woofers continue to employ Morel’s C.A.R filter? and 3-inch EVC? with Hexatech? technology, yet are now graced with a more powerful dual ferrite motor and a stiffer one-piece poly cone. Elate systems also receive the new MT250 hand-crafted  Acuflex? tweeter featuring a vented cavity design for improved transient and dynamic range, and the CDM880 Acuflex? dome midrange.

When it all comes together, the new Elate series recreates a soundstage with astounding transparency and imaging, while being more musically dynamic than ever.

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